A Nice Boy is Coming Soon!

And when I say “coming…”

A Perfect Gentleman really got more attention than I expected from my first book and I’mniceboy6x9 excited to announce that the next arranged marriage book is on the way!

I’m working hard to make sure you get A Nice Boy by the end of the year and I thought I’d give you a little tease:

“He clears his throat and I vaguely hear him compliment me in a voice that feels like being scrubbed raw with a pumice stone and then wrapped in warm fleece. The heat from his hand and the sound of his rough voice combine into something that blocks out everything but just the two of us.

My eyes fall off his and move down his body, taking in the muscles and the tattoos and the way his stomach is flat as a board as it drops down to the ridge along the zipper of his jeans. I feel heat flow through my core and I’m very aware that my panties are not as dry as they were a moment ago. My body’s reaction to him catches me off guard and I feel the heat burning in my face as I realize he’s watching me stare at him again.

This can’t be the man that I’m supposed to marry, I think as I pull my hand from his and hurry inside. Grams said Josh was a nice boy. This man looks like a parole officer’s nightmare.”

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Bonus Chapters!

Oh yeah, this is such a thing!

I love it when my fave authors offer an extra chapter, an extended epilogue, or a deleted scene or two to their mailing list. So that’s totally something I’m going to do!

Starting right here, right now, with book #1– A Perfect Gentleman, the first book in my Arranged Marriage series. (Which needs a good series name, right? I’m open to suggestions, shoot me a message!)

Problem is– I got the book itself done and then immediately went into “what do I do next” mode, tracking down advice on finding ARC readers and getting the mailing list up and running while the book is being formatted for maximum prettiness.

So if you’re one of the peeps who hit “subscribe” because you’re eager to get a peek at where Aiden and Brooke are a little farther down the line– that bonus chapter is on its way!

And I’ll be a step ahead for the next book so no one has to wait!

Debut Book on its Way!

I decided I was going to get into self publishing about a year ago when a friend of mine revealed her own pen name to me.

What fun! I thought, as I proceeded to ask her a ton of questions.

Well, that friend said she’d help me get started as soon as I was ready, then she dumped a ton of info on me that she likes to call “advice.”

Needless to say– it was a little overwhelming.

But here I am! ARC (advanced review copies) of my first real book have been sent out, I’m already building a mailing list, and I’m about to hit “publish” for the first time!

Somebody hold me.