NEW RELEASE! A Smart Choice

The newest story from the Arranged Marriage series is now available!

Devon and Stephany’s story required a few rewrites and some feedback fro


m my betas (who told me to stop overthinking things) before it finally took shape.

I’ve had lots of positive feedback so far and I’m thrilled that people are loving the modern matchmaker angle!

The next Arranged Marriage story is in the works, but there’s going to be something completely different (OK, not “completely” I mean– it’ll still be a steamy hawt romance with a happy ending!) coming out first!

Go grab your copy of A Smart Choice! The price won’t stay this low forever!



He didn’t even want a wife, now he could be stuck with a baby.

I thought an arranged marriage would let me skip the drama and the heartache of picking through dead end relationships.

When I meet my new fiance, he couldn’t be less interested in me. It turns out that this wasn’t even Devon’s idea, he has to get married before can take over the family business. He’s looking for a marriage of convenience, not a permanent relationship, so why would the match maker insist he’s a smart choice for my husband?

Not that I can deny our chemistry. When Devon lights my body on fire with his unexpected kiss I forget all the reasons I can’t go through with marrying him.


That kiss was supposed to scare her off, now I have to make sure she doesn’t get away.

I have big ideas of turning the family business around, but I don’t get control until I find a wife. That’s the only reason I let my family sign me up with some crazy match maker.

I don’t want a wife, I need one– just long enough to take over the company, then whatever poor girl gets conned into marrying me can go find herself a real husband.

Stephany’s too good for me. She doesn’t deserve to get pulled into my messed up situation but I’m already committed to the plan. I need Stephany to back out and call this marriage off but I can’t resist taking what I want first.

One taste and I’ll never let her go.

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