A Great Catch is Available!

greatcatch6x9The newest story from the Raven Swann match maker series is now live on Amazon!


“You wanna tell me why paid all that money to a match maker to find you a husband you don’t wanna f*ck?”


They say good girl should save herself till she finds a great catch, but guys my age want a woman who knows what she’s doing.

A modern day take on an arranged marriage seems like it might solve my problem.

Except Redd’s nothing like the clean cut, professional man I always envisioned myself with. He’s a rugged cattle rancher with mud on his boots and dirt under his nails. He’s older than me too, and I’m worried he’ll be turned off my lack of experience.

I thought maybe it would be for the best if I didn’t mention the unpunched V-card to the man I’m supposed to marry. I know I should have fessed up before we got carried away but a man like Redd isn’t going to want a wife that he has to teach everything to.


I always did want to raise a bunch of kids with a good woman at my side, but the right girl never showed up. I ain’t getting any younger and I’m done waitin’.

So I hired myself a legitimate modern day marriage broker and gave her a ton of money to find me a wife.

When Olivia shows up with her sunshine blonde hair, those meadow green eyes, and all them curves pouring over her body, I gotta admit she’s a might prettier than I was expecting and a lot younger.

She ain’t so young that I was expecting her to be as innocent as she looks though, and now she’s worried I’m going to turn her away like all them young fools she’s been going out with.

My Olivia’s right about one thing, I am experienced. But there’s something to be said for getting started with someone who already knows a thing or two and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love knowin’ all Olivia’s firsts belong to me.

A Great Catch features one rugged older cowboy, one innocent younger woman, and the modern day arranged marriage that brings them together.
The Arranged Marriage series features 30K novellas with a common theme that can be read in any order. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers,  just steamy romance on the way to a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Coming Soon: A Great Catch

I am so excited to share the cover for A Great Catch— the next book in the Arranged greatcatch6x9Marriage series!

A Great Catch features one rough around the edges older cowboy and one sassy but surprisingly innocent younger woman.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

“You ever at least have a real orgasm?” I ask her, remembering the feel of her pussy around my fingers.

Olivia nods emphatically.

“From somebody else touchin’ ya?” I elaborate, “Ever had a boy fingerfuck ya till your tight little pussy clamps down and tries to break his fingers off inside ya?”

I like watching her throat work as she swallows hard and shakes her head.

“Ever had a guy go down on you? Eat that sweet pussy till his face is dripping with your cream?”

I’m way past hard from thinking about all the things I get to introduce her to. I can’t believe she’s never found a boy who at least got her off by accident. Hell, I had my finger on her trigger, it ain’t like it’s hard to find.

My little Libby’s body is eager and needy and the only way some dumb fool missed figuring that out is because he wasn’t trying.

Reaching up to grab her ankle I yank her back down the bed with a wicked grin, “You really never had someone else get you off?” I gotta admit, I’m flabbergasted but Libby shakes her head at me as I pull the t-shirt back over her head.

“Don’t girls your age get all experimental with each other in college these days?” I look down at her naked body. All laid out on the bed in front of me.

I love that she’s not cowering from me or trying to hide herself, she’s letting me look at her in the plain light of day.

“I didn’t go to college,” she reminds me, “I went to beauty school. We didn’t do a lot of wild keggers with hot girl on girl action.”

She makes me laugh, which is good because running my hands over her soft curves knowing her body has never known the touch of a skilled lover makes me want to cry at the shame of it all.

A Great Catch is expected to be available on Amazon February 17!



Hot Alaskan Bush Pilot Alert!


My first full length (albeit short) novel is now available! Bush is a stand alone story featuring one hot, rugged, Alaskan bush pilot falling for one sassy travel writer who knows what she wants!


BUSH: A Wild Romance $0.99 for a limited time and “Free” in Kindle Unlimited


Ever since I landed in Alaska I can’t get comfortable. The entire state reeks of testosterone. It’s not doing me and my fantasy life any favors but it’s Rogue that finally put me over the top. My pilot. The man exudes masculinity. He is the epitome of rugged, the poster child for wild, Alaskan man.


My mom’s worried that her baby boy is living a hollow life as a mountain man in the Alaskan bush with no family of his own to keep him sane but I’ve never been interested in filling my house with a woman’s things.

Then Melissa lands in my life, full of the kind of stories that could fill up the silence of a lonely Alaskan winter, keep a man company while those sweet curves keep him warm, and suddenly I’m starting to think Mom might be right.