COMING SOON! A Real Keeper

Another arranged marriage story is on the way! For everyone who’s loving the seriesrealkeeper6x9 featuring the match making talents of marriage broker, Raven Swann, keep your eyes open for A Real Keeper!

One smokin’ hot single dad vs. the woman that makes him want to change his game plan. Now if he can just get his teenage daughter to stop playing matchmaker and convince the sexy woman from that hook up at the bar to stop shutting him down.

This isn’t Raven’s typical case:

I know she means it, too. Whatever reasons Kendra has for trying not to get caught up in this thing that’s getting started between us went out the door yesterday. I just want to tease her, take my time bringing her up and holding her there on the edge. I like watching her hover on the brink like this, showing her how well I know her body already. Proving that she belongs to me.

I want her to know that it’s never going to be this good with anyone else.

“Just for me, Baby,” I whisper against her as I drink down her climax, letting my fingers slip from her body and dragging my tongue through her quivering folds one last time, “you only come for me from now on.”

A Real Keeper is on the way!




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