Slow Going is Still Going

I’d hoped to get the new book out last week. I was on schedule for a Tuesday release this week but while I was doing a thorough read-through on Saturday I lost my patiencetequila with salt and lime.

I was already unhappy with the turn the story had taken halfway through and reading it from the beginning, I realized that there was no way I was about to let it go like that.

So I deleted half a novel and begin a furious rewrite at 11 pm on Saturday night.

The good news is that I’m much happier with the story now. The bad news is that it’s just delaying the release even further.

Did I mention this is my last week with a regular job? And I’m packing up my house to move? And that I am not what anyone would call a “multi-tasker?”

Yeah– there’s going to be beer at the end of this! Or maybe it’s time to practice my tequila skillz.

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