Another book in the arranged marriage series is available!AM7-WiseInvestment6x9

A Wise Investment also ties in with the stand alone novel BUSH for extra fun. You don’t have to read one to enjoy the other though!


When I decide to take a stab at a modern day arranged marriage leads me to an Alaskan air field, I have high hopes that I’ll finally find my happily ever after– and a man who isn’t intimidated by a woman who can take care of herself.

Coming face to face with my fiance for the first time sets off all the warning bells in my brain– but it sets off entirely different alarms in other parts of my body.

Is Barrett really the man I’ve been looking for? More importantly, am I what he’s looking for?


Women are scarce in these parts, and the ones that are here never wanted anything to do with me before I came into my money. Now that I can finally afford the services of a professional match maker, I’m looking forward to the woman she and my closest friends have determined is right for me.

Dorthy’s a little slip of a thing and pretty as a picture with all that blonde hair and big blue eyes lighting up her face and I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I just don’t know why she’d want to get hitched to the likes of me when it’s clear she doesn’t need me for anything.

I thought I finally had something to offer a wife, but this little firecracker of a woman can obviously hold her own– so what does she need me for?


This 26,000 word novella is the eight story in the arranged marriage romance series and also ties in with the novel BUSH. If you liked BUSH, you’ll be happy to see the characters return as we follow Bear’s journey to happily ever after!

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