A Total Sweetheart


The next book in the Arranged Marriage (Raven Swann) series is on the way!


Christopher Bennett is kind of a jerk. His match maker doesn’t like him and neither does his fiance. But Raven Swann knows her game and she’s too smart to let first impressions get in the way when she knows there’s someone for everyone.


It’s not like I’m a big time celebrity or anything, but I’m well known in this town and I’m not lacking for money. That’s why I decided to pay a professional match match maker to find my wife, takes a lot of pressure off me and I don’t have to worry about some gold digger that’s not worth the time to draw up the pre-nup.

It’s not like I’m expecting a super model, but I know my worth and I can do a damn sight better than Amanda Peterson without dropping the kind of money Raven Swann charges.


I might be the only person in town who hadn’t heard of Christopher before my match maker set us up together. He’s wealthy, he’s good looking, he’s well known and respected in the community, and– on paper– he’s a perfect match.

In reality? He’s kind of an ass.

I can’t blame the match maker entirely though. She doesn’t just make matches, she utilizes people from her clients’ personal life to help narrow the choices down. It’s a true, modern day, arranged marriage.

Or it would be– if I had any intention of marrying Christopher Bennett.


A Total Sweetheart is the 9th book in the Arranged Marriage series by Rocklyn Ryder. It contains a complete story that follows one couple from their beginning to their happily ever after with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and just enough drama to keep it fun.

All the books in the Arranged Marriage series are complete stories that can be read in any order.

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