Hello 2019

alcohol alcoholic beverage celebrate

I’m looking at Baby New Year with a lot of suspicion today.

After a few false starts, thinking the past couple of new years would bring some much needed calm to the chaos my life has been, I don’t trust a new calendar easily these days.

Nevertheless– I’m going to throw out some tentative resolutions and hope for the best. Again.

I just got some shiny new graphics for the website and the newsletter! It’s a whole new look and I’m loving it.

TWO new books are in the works, at the moment! (Which means I got tackled by the muse while I was writing something else, so one’s on the back burner while I type like mad on the other one.)

Getting struck by inspiration in the midst of the holiday season madness hasn’t been the most productive, but seeing as how 2018 was already pretty unproductive (in the writing game,) I’ll take what I can get.

I’m focused on bringing you more books for the upcoming year. No more worrying about keeping up with social media– which I’ve never been good at– or any of the other things that keep me from my story telling.

That means you have to join my mailing list if you want to hear about my foolhardy pursuits of love and adventure in real life.

I am going to make an effort to update the website blog more often, but the good stuff still happens in the newsletter.

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and get the website look updated. I have a book to finish now.



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