sugar tease

And by “Sweet” I don’t mean innocent at all!

The new Taste of Sugar romance collection follows my standard M.O. with cute, quick, and kinda dirty stories featuring down and out heroines finding happily ever after in the arms of knight in shining armor sugar daddies–

The concept hit me one afternoon back in the summer of 2018 while I was having a soul-searching chat with a bunch of hungry cows: After explaining what a mess my life was at the time, I told the cows that what I should have done was been one of those girls who’s smart enough to date the kind of guys that like taking care of their women.

The cows agreed with me and insisted that what I needed was a proper sugar daddy.

Naturally– I kept doing what I’ve always done and the cows lost interest in giving me any further advice.

But I did come up with the idea for this series:

Book One is Available on Amazon now!

Writing these stories has been a challenge for me though. It’s hard to blend rock bottom with short, cute romance. I’m still having fun writing them though and the thing is I LOVE THESE COVERS! They’re just pretty. So I am determined to find stories to go with each and every one of them!

Book one and two are available now and book three will be out soon!

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