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I took a break from writing during June so that I could work on setting up more things to distract me from writing.

You can now find me on FACEBOOK at AND on Instagram at @RocklynRyder_author .

The accounts are pretty new so there’s not much to follow…yet. But swing by, tap “follow” or “like” and be one of the ones that can say you knew me when!

I’ll see you there!


sugar tease

And by “Sweet” I don’t mean innocent at all!

The new Taste of Sugar romance collection follows my standard M.O. with cute, quick, and kinda dirty stories featuring down and out heroines finding happily ever after in the arms of knight in shining armor sugar daddies–

The concept hit me one afternoon back in the summer of 2018 while I was having a soul-searching chat with a bunch of hungry cows: After explaining what a mess my life was at the time, I told the cows that what I should have done was been one of those girls who’s smart enough to date the kind of guys that like taking care of their women.

The cows agreed with me and insisted that what I needed was a proper sugar daddy.

Naturally– I kept doing what I’ve always done and the cows lost interest in giving me any further advice.

But I did come up with the idea for this series:

Book One is Available on Amazon now!

Writing these stories has been a challenge for me though. It’s hard to blend rock bottom with short, cute romance. I’m still having fun writing them though and the thing is I LOVE THESE COVERS! They’re just pretty. So I am determined to find stories to go with each and every one of them!

Book one and two are available now and book three will be out soon!

I Skipped a WHOLE YEAR?!

Available on Amazon— along with a few more new books!

I knew I’d been neglecting my website, but I had no idea that I skipped an entire year!

That means I haven’t posted any of the new books that I’ve published in the last year, and there have been a few so hopefully you’re on my mailing list! AND getting the newsletters! (I’m convinced they all end up in spam folders like half my fave author newsletters do.)

There are two new books in the popular Match-Maker series! Go check them out!

There are also a couple of other new books, but I’ll put together a separate post for those.

2020 got off to a rocky start but it’s on track to make some decent progress.

Starting with– new social media for yours truly. It’s been a bit of a battle, but friends and colleagues have convinced me to just do it already.

In addition to a new Facebook page, new website hosting and a proper email address are also in the works. I know, I’ve said that before. I’m really doing it this time– I just have to slog through a zillion WordPress themes to figure out which one I hate least will work best for me.

More updates coming soon!


Hello 2019

alcohol alcoholic beverage celebrate

I’m looking at Baby New Year with a lot of suspicion today.

After a few false starts, thinking the past couple of new years would bring some much needed calm to the chaos my life has been, I don’t trust a new calendar easily these days.

Nevertheless– I’m going to throw out some tentative resolutions and hope for the best. Again.

I just got some shiny new graphics for the website and the newsletter! It’s a whole new look and I’m loving it.

TWO new books are in the works, at the moment! (Which means I got tackled by the muse while I was writing something else, so one’s on the back burner while I type like mad on the other one.)

Getting struck by inspiration in the midst of the holiday season madness hasn’t been the most productive, but seeing as how 2018 was already pretty unproductive (in the writing game,) I’ll take what I can get.

I’m focused on bringing you more books for the upcoming year. No more worrying about keeping up with social media– which I’ve never been good at– or any of the other things that keep me from my story telling.

That means you have to join my mailing list if you want to hear about my foolhardy pursuits of love and adventure in real life.

I am going to make an effort to update the website blog more often, but the good stuff still happens in the newsletter.

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and get the website look updated. I have a book to finish now.




AM11-SensibleArrangemen6x9tIf you’re on my mailing list you’ve probably already caught up on all my excuses for getting so far behind on my next release.

Whether you call it “real life” or “drama,” there was plenty of it over the last few months and it kept me busy enough to forget all about worrying about someone else’s Happily Ever After.

The good news is that after another move (still in the Tahoe basin though!) and having to say a sad goodbye to a dog I had no idea I was so attached to, I’m getting back in the swing of story telling again.

A Sensible Arrangement– the next story the Raven Swann Modern Match-maker series is coming soon!



A Total Sweetheart


The next book in the Arranged Marriage (Raven Swann) series is on the way!


Christopher Bennett is kind of a jerk. His match maker doesn’t like him and neither does his fiance. But Raven Swann knows her game and she’s too smart to let first impressions get in the way when she knows there’s someone for everyone.


It’s not like I’m a big time celebrity or anything, but I’m well known in this town and I’m not lacking for money. That’s why I decided to pay a professional match match maker to find my wife, takes a lot of pressure off me and I don’t have to worry about some gold digger that’s not worth the time to draw up the pre-nup.

It’s not like I’m expecting a super model, but I know my worth and I can do a damn sight better than Amanda Peterson without dropping the kind of money Raven Swann charges.


I might be the only person in town who hadn’t heard of Christopher before my match maker set us up together. He’s wealthy, he’s good looking, he’s well known and respected in the community, and– on paper– he’s a perfect match.

In reality? He’s kind of an ass.

I can’t blame the match maker entirely though. She doesn’t just make matches, she utilizes people from her clients’ personal life to help narrow the choices down. It’s a true, modern day, arranged marriage.

Or it would be– if I had any intention of marrying Christopher Bennett.


A Total Sweetheart is the 9th book in the Arranged Marriage series by Rocklyn Ryder. It contains a complete story that follows one couple from their beginning to their happily ever after with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and just enough drama to keep it fun.

All the books in the Arranged Marriage series are complete stories that can be read in any order.

An Elegant Solution

The last thing I’m looking for is a husband and Raven Swann doesn’t deal in “maybe ever afters.”AM8-ElegantSolution6x9

Alicia: I’m focused on my career, not getting married and making babies. So when my aunt and my grand-baby crazy mom decide to hire a professional matc

h maker on my behalf I about come unglued.
Imagine! An arranged marriage in this day and age. It’s insulting! But when I meet the man I’m supposed to marry I can’t deny the chemistry between us.

Michael: When I signed up for an arranged marriage through a professional match maker, I was thinking I was ready for something serious, but I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the marriage part. Until I meet my fiance. Suddenly getting married sounds incredible; the sooner, the better.
Too bad this arranged marriage plan wasn’t even Alicia’s plan. How do I convince her that I’m the man she didn’t know she was looking for?

Get An Elegant Solution on Amazon

An Elegant Solution is the 8th book in the Arranged Marriage series by Rocklyn Ryder. It contains a complete story that follows one couple from their beginning to their happily ever after with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and just enough drama to keep it fun.

All the books in the Arranged Marriage series are complete stories that can be read in any order.



Another book in the arranged marriage series is available!AM7-WiseInvestment6x9

A Wise Investment also ties in with the stand alone novel BUSH for extra fun. You don’t have to read one to enjoy the other though!


When I decide to take a stab at a modern day arranged marriage leads me to an Alaskan air field, I have high hopes that I’ll finally find my happily ever after– and a man who isn’t intimidated by a woman who can take care of herself.

Coming face to face with my fiance for the first time sets off all the warning bells in my brain– but it sets off entirely different alarms in other parts of my body.

Is Barrett really the man I’ve been looking for? More importantly, am I what he’s looking for?


Women are scarce in these parts, and the ones that are here never wanted anything to do with me before I came into my money. Now that I can finally afford the services of a professional match maker, I’m looking forward to the woman she and my closest friends have determined is right for me.

Dorthy’s a little slip of a thing and pretty as a picture with all that blonde hair and big blue eyes lighting up her face and I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. I just don’t know why she’d want to get hitched to the likes of me when it’s clear she doesn’t need me for anything.

I thought I finally had something to offer a wife, but this little firecracker of a woman can obviously hold her own– so what does she need me for?


This 26,000 word novella is the eight story in the arranged marriage romance series and also ties in with the novel BUSH. If you liked BUSH, you’ll be happy to see the characters return as we follow Bear’s journey to happily ever after!

Available on Amazon now!



The newest novel from Rocklyn Ryder is now available!

I’m unemployed, leaving town in six days, single as f*ck, and looking for an excuse WILD3-ROUGH6x9to make some bad decisions.


Stone’s bad news. Everything I know about him tells me he’s a bad decision. He drinks too much, parties too hard, and in the years he’s been our neighbor I’ve never heard him mention the same woman twice.

He’s not happily ever after material by a long shot, but I can’t help but think that Stone Caldwell knows how to bend a girl over a desk.


Maddie’s watching me with that careful stare that she’s been fixing me with for the last couple of hours. If I didn’t know better I’d call it a good, old-fashioned eye-f*ck but I’m pretty sure that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I’m no where near drunk. I might have had a little buzz going on there for a minute, which is probably why I started telling her all that stuff about missed connections and how I feel like…well it doesn’t matter how I feel now.

I should take her home. I should not take her out to the ranch, and I sure as hell should not do any of the filthy things that keep popping into my brain.

ROUGH features a complete story with no cheating (I promise) and a guaranteed happy ending for one reformed bad boy turned cattle rancher and the free spirited woman that he almost let get away.