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In real life I’m just your average woman, working the day job and trying to have a little fun between making ends meet.

There’s often too much month at the end of my money, but I live by the philosophy that regrets are made of roads untraveled,  friends not visited, laughter not shared, and loves not pursued far more than postponed light bills.

Sometimes I have a boyfriend. Sometimes I don’t. Love has proved to be a fickle friend but I’m sure my own happily ever after is still out there.

I started writing on a dare a few years ago, discovered I love it, and haven’t been able to give it up since.

My characters and their lives are as real as the people I’ve known in my personal life, with all their strengths and flaws and fears and dreams and their roads to love are paved with the same insecurities and miscommunications.

The books are short. Real life is complicated, I prefer reading romances that make me sigh, not cry, and that’s the way I write ’em– with plenty of steamy scenes between boys that are all hard muscle and soft hearts and the women they choose to claim as their own.

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